Gay Paree – meh…



Don’t know what I was expecting from Paris but:

Had better croissants at the bakery inside of my apartment building.  The metro was efficient but not like London Tube and dirty like DC’s.   Met a cool Argentine couple honeymooning while in queue at the Eiffel Tower.   Waited for 2 hours, went to the top for bragging rights – felt that crisp October 2013 wind chill 300 meters in the air – five minutes later, ditched my new friends for the warmth of my hotel room.

Good macaroons  but so are those in Dubai and Washington, DC.   Also, the Mona Lisa at the Louvre wasn’t that impressive (people were crying and passing out in awe like at a Micheal Jackson concert or pentacostal holiness service).

I enjoyed that massive  The Wedding at Cana painting directly across and stared for half an hour.  The Egyptian Antiquity exhibit is a must see.

Don’t know if being greeted by guards with semi-automatic weapons when arriving at Paris Est station had anything to do with my surliness but friends and coworkers who also visited shared similar sentiments – they also loved The Wedding at Cana! and thought the people crying over the Mona Lisa were freaks too.



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